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Sonoma Lake Estates

sign in front of Sonoma Lake Estates in Boca Raton
City: Boca Raton 
Gated community located on the east side of Lyons Rd. just north of Glades Rd.

The following homes are for sale in Sonoma Lake Estates

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  Mike_Brooks_(561)317-5199 Mike_and_Brenda_Brooks_(561)951-7332---ONE_STEP_AHEAD_REALTY,_INC. Brenda_Brooks_(561)951-7332  
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Know the market before making a decision about real estate. A fine Boca Raton community. Sonoma Lake Estates listings updated daily - Boca Raton.  Sonoma Lake Estates is a great place to live in Boca Raton. Know what homes are going for in Sonoma Lake Estates before deciding to sell.